Boost your job search with a customised LinkedIn URL

Updated: Oct 13, 2020

92% of recruiters use LinkedIn every day. They use it to find candidates, to vet candidates, and to attract candidates. Having a profile that is visible is important and ensuring it highlights your personal brand is also very important.

If you have ever looked for a job before, you will know there are loads of things you need to consider and cover. Things like writing your resume, networking on LinkedIn, job searching on seek, and so the list continues (and sometimes feels never-ending!). Customising your LinkedIn URL may seem not seem like it would rank highly on your list of job searching priorities. But there are some key reasons to do it, and it will only take a minute and then it's done.

Why should you prioritise customising your LinkedIn URL?

LinkedIn allocates a URL to you when you originally set up your profile. It will normally start with your first name and last night and then a combination of meaningless numbers and letters. Once you delete the mundane information, your customised URL will start to perform for you in the following ways:

  1. It makes your profile easier to find - this is especially relevant for people with common names. If someone is trying to find you and there are other people with your name, they will be able to find the right person more easily because you will rank higher on the list.

  2. It increases your credibility - it highlights your attention to detail.

  3. It shows you are tech savvy - not everyone knows how to change their URL and others don't even know the option is available. By changing it, you will highlight your level of tech knowledge.

  4. It makes you look more professional - you can add your streamlined URL to marketing materials to give a more professional look and feel. Useful materials include your resume, cover letter and the bottom of emails in your signature.

How to customise your LinkedIn URL?

Customising your LinkedIn URL is ridiculously easy. You certainly don't need to have much technical know-how and it literally takes you about 60 seconds to complete.

Step 1: Go to the top of your LinkedIn homepage and click on the 'Me' icon. Click on 'Settings & Privacy' from the drop down menu.

Step 2: Select 'Visibility' on the left hand side menu.

Step 3: Scroll down to "Edit your Public Profile" and press "change" on the right hand side.

Step 4: On the top right hand side of the page under 'Edit your custom URL' tab, click the pencil icon next to your current URL. This will allow you to amend your existing (default) URL.

Step 5: Change your URL to make it shorter and snappier.

Step 6: Hit 'Save'.

Step 7: Press "Back to LinkedIn" in the top right hand corner to return to LinkedIn.

TIP #1: If the URL has been taken it will not allow you to save.

TIP #2: Choose a new URL that is professional. If you can't select your name, try something that depicts you professionally. For example, your name with your qualifications, e.g. JohnSmithMBA.

Voila! You have now created a custom URL which will increase your credibility, highlight your professionalism and ensure you are easily found. Nice job!

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