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Expert Resume Review

Getting a great job starts with having a great resume

Don't let the "Bots" cull you before your resume even gets to human eyes.

Let me help you beat the bots and land your dream job...

What you will get:

Review - full resume review from a resume expert (just send in whatever you have and we will look at it for you)


Personalised Report - detailed (& personalised) report outlining what is working and where you can make improvements


Step-by-step guide - personalised guide to updating your resume


Examples - best practice examples of how to complete each of the sections effectively


Template - resume template that is Applicaant Tracking Systems (ATS) and human eye-friendly



I found an old copy of my outdated resume and sent it to Project Roar for feedback. I was so pleased with the level of detail I got back and the practical nature of the feedback. 

Office Manager, Jess C

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I have seen 10,000's resumes.

I know what makes a great resume.

Let me help you stand out for the right reasons.

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